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1xBet (onexvet) is an overseas legal online casino & sports betting company licensed by the Curaçao government since 2007 and serving 134 countries.

Its headquarters are limasol, Cyprus, and it was established in 2007.

Initially, it was a Russian casino, but in 2014, it expanded its online presence in partnership with "BookmakerPub." It maintains operations in Malta, Cyprus and Abuja (Nigeria).

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1xbet (OneXbet) Headquarters

Introducing the site of '1xbet', an overseas betting company.

Licensed in Curacao and based in Limassol, Cyprus, OnexBet is a world-class bookmaker with over 850,000 online users worldwide.
In Korea, it is a famous overseas betting company that no one knows about, especially for high-amount bettors.

In the meantime, there was no domestic department, so deposits and withdrawals were possible only through overseas electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller), so there was a barrier for general small betting users to use.

However, now, with a separate department in charge of Korea and the official domestic launch service, deposits and withdrawals are now possible with domestic accounts.


1xbet (OneXbet) dividends

Registered in the Oz Portal1xbet (Onexbet)boasts the best dividend among overseas sports betting companies.

In addition, unlike private sites that only support wins, losses, and unovers, 1,000 game types are available.
We offer a variety of betting menus.

1xbet odds

1xbet (One Xbet) supports Korean language, and through the arrangement of Korean counselors 24 hours a day, inquiries can be made via e-mail or phone, and responses and responses are very quick.

Occasionally, depending on the time zone, there are users who say that the response of inexperienced employees in Korean is frustrating, but it is not so uncomfortable as a substitute, and real-time counseling is possible through asking questions when erotic matters arise while enjoying betting.


  • 1xbet (Onexbet) weak regulation

In services with more than 850,000 average users per day, systems, not people, run. In other words, if you follow the rules inside the system well, you will not be touched.

In private private Toto, the regulations for both-sided betting and Martin betting are very strict. It's natural for them to get money from users, but... In the first place, there are few sites with more than 100 users per day.

Large betting sites like 1xbet (One Xbet) have very weak regulations. Whether you play both sides, martens, or even any bets, there are no sanctions.

Overseas betting sites that have acquired official overseas licenses do not have any ridiculous betting regulations found on illegal private sites.

The same goes for overseas official sites that are the same as 1xbet (One Xbet).

1xbet Korea Bank Support

Currently, 1xbet (One Xbet) has three methods of deposit and withdrawal in the Bank of Korea: general bank transfer, bank transfer light, and telegram bank transfer, but the result is to deposit into the bank account anyway.

No matter how much 1xbet (One X Bet) is an overseas official site and a global company that shoots CFs with sponsorships with Barcelona, the Korean market is protected by 1XBET licensed national institutions and has entered the expedient, Toto Even if the account is discovered and the police station contacts us, they do not take responsibility for our personal situation.

Therefore, our safety is ours to protect ourselves. I've been a cryptocurrency fanatic for the past few years, but the recent USDT company issue and Luna crisis have made me a cryptocurrency pessimist. However, there was one thing I had to admit about cryptocurrency.

It is that cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) deposit and withdrawal is the only means to ensure safety in online betting.

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